My name is Nicole Roberts and I've spent my career working as a Textile and Product Designer. In 2007, I had the opportunity to spend two years in Thailand so I quit my corporate gig and embarked on an adventure. The night before leaving, I bought a new computer. Knowing I would do a lot of traveling with it, I also looked for a laptop bag. I couldn't find a bag that married both form and function so I decided to make my own. One thing lead to another and NokHoo laptop bags were born.

Why the unusual name? NokHoo is the Thai word for owl and because owls are both handsome and wise, it seemed like the perfect name for these bags. (Yes, there are other variations of the spelling, but I like this one best.) In the Thai language, they associate each letter with a word. The letter H is called "ho nok-hoo". My logo is a stylized version of this letter made to look like an owl's face.

Pretty smart laptop bags...
NokHoo bags have a unique personality, combining fresh fabrics and layered artwork with practical styling. They are sturdy, comfortable and fully padded to protect your laptop and your back. Each bag features a variety of interior pockets to secure all your gadgets, side pockets for quick access and an easy-to-reach phone pocket. Right now we exclusively carry adult backpacks but are considering other styles and sizes in the future.

Where credit is due...
Big thanks to Andrew for all of his help and support.

Contact Info
phone: +1 (503) 542-7459
e-mail: n.roberts {at}